12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Recent Readings and “Considerations”

Here is what I am reading these days as well as what I’ve just completed.  I’d like to know what you are reading.

Also, there is a list of books I am thinking about reading and would like your input.

Recently read:

Gary Chapman, Making Love: The Chapman Guide.  Gary’s wisdom on a Christian way to love your mate. Simple but clear and important stuff.

Cos Davis, Parenting with a Purpose. Another simple look at parenting. Helpful principles on doing the hard work of parenting.

Currently reading:

Thomas DeFrank, Write It When I’m Gone. The author’s take from his 30+political journey with Gerald Ford. I’m a presidential freak. It started with JFK’s assassination when I was in 4th grade.

Clive Cussler, The Navigators. I always take in 1 or 2 Cusslers eacah year. Relaxing novels.


Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. Just out last week.

Gary and Barbara Rosberg, The Five Sex Needs of Men and Women. Was released last year.

I’d like to know …

* Have you read any of these?

* Have you heard anything about these?

* Finally, tell me what you’re reading these days.

I hope it’s a good reading year for you. I know I am over due for one. Let’s make 2010 a productive year, reading wise!

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