06 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Why the Name?

Greetings to the Land of Blog. Thanks for checking out my site. This is my first installment so please be patient with me. (Thanks to Stew for all of your help in getting me to this point. You’ve been encouraging me to do this for months.) Hopefully you’ll find something that will encourage you in your family life, whatever that looks like for you.

Why do I call this blog "Get a Room"? Married couples need to celebrate. They need to know that, while it’s necessary to work your marriage, it’s also cool to be proud of it. For example, it’s quite okay to tell someone you and your mate are going on a date. It’ll probably makes them envious.

Celebrating marriage – whether it’s literally getting a room, walking in the park, riding bikes together, whatever – it is doing marriage the way God designed it to be. Oh, it’s not all fun and games for sure. But the joy in marriage is often lost because couples stop celebrating. Then they forget how. The kids are quickly grown and then they’ve finally got time to do something special but don’t want to. They don’t know how anymore. 

This blog is designed to help you celebrate life. The thoughts won’t be limited to marriage but it won’t take long for you to see that is my passion. Like most blogs, who knows where it will take us. It might include some things from our own marriage plus stuff I’ve discovered along the way that can help marriages keep life and celebration in their relationship. Some offerings will be shorter than others. Entries could include insights from my quiet time. Still another might share what happened on our date the night before. (Okay part of what happened!). No doubt I’ll be talking about my church (the greatest in the world). And I’m sure some bragging and complaining about my running life will sometimes find it’s way in.

The celebrative spirit behind "Get a Room" pertains to family and life in general. It’s all part of why Jesus came to this earth, that we might have life abundantly (John 10:10). Full. And that’s worth celebrating.

So is this a blog on marriage? On family? On life? Yes it is, and you can join me in this journey of getting a room – celebrating the life that God gave us.

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