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The Long Way Back

Let me brag a moment. I’ve been blessed with the love of running for 29 years this summer. Have run in several marathons including one in Chicago with 40,000 marathoners. That’s 26.2 miles for those who don’t know (Please don’t ask anyone who says they have run a marathon "How long was that marathon?" All legitimate marathons are 26 miles, 385 yards long.) I have been blessed to have run in many states and about a dozen countries including Russia, Morocco, China and Chile.

I am boasting in the Lord because He is the One who has given me a body to run. He has also given me the passion. But boy, 2007 has been a doosy…

January 25 I had knee surgery. A cartilage tear from either running for 29 years, being in my 50’s – or both. The way back has been long. It was 20 minutes of surgery and 20 sessions of physical therapy in downtown Nashville. And my knee is still a little sore when I run. So, 2007 has been a test of my patience and a double-check to make sure I wasn’t "worshiping" running.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that when I checked I saw that – although I’ve been trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon for almost 20 years now – running was not my god. On the contrary, each time I  complete a run I always thank God for 3 things: the ability, the opportunity and the desire to run. I have tried to never take it for granted. I consider any running I do to be a gift from Him. Some would think otherwise I am sure.

So to keep from pouting over my slow rehab and long way back to running long distances and marathons and such, I recall James 1:2-4 that says to consider the trials we face a great joy. Those trials, it says, will develop our patience and faith. THEN it says the faith and patience produces endurance. And just what marathon runner doesn’t need endurance?

So thank-you Lord, for the ability, the opportunity and the desire – not just to run, but to develop my patience, faith and endurance through the trials of rehabilitation – all for you.

PS Pray for our pastor, Pat and his family. They are in China getting their baby girl. Our staff spoke with Pat yesterday – and we saw him live, too. It was cool. (Am I techno-slow or what?)

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    I’m so excited about reading your blogs. Now we just need to get Selma on a blog. What a great way to post a few more great nutrients to help feed our Lives with God in our Marriages. Thank you.

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