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Pat and Natalie

I’ve been to the airport twice in three days. I was flying on neither of those days. Saturday, I went there to see someone special arrive. Today (Monday) I went there to see someone special off.


Our pastor, Pat Hood, and his family got back from China Saturday with their newly adopted child, Jadyn,  a precious gift to our world, and now the Hood family. (And also now, to our church!) It was a wonderful time to celebrate life.  Check out Pat’s blog for some cool pics. I can’t wait to see how little Jadyn changes Pat. I won’t make fun of him. Rather, it will be cool – again, worth celebrating. Pat and Amy, out of their love, have made this child their own now. She is part of the family. From now on.

If you are a Christ follower you know about adoption. Nothing you deserved. Just the pure grace  and love of the Parent to make you part of His family from now on. What a delightful reminder it’ll be – each time I’ll look at Jadyn – to remember that I have been adopted as well by my loving Father.

Kids  – adopted or otherwise – have a way of changing us parents. I remember an old friend of mine told me,  just before Jen was born, "Just wait. You’re life is about to change." Indeed it did. Indeed I changed. Life has never quite been the same since having kids.


Our youngest daughter, Natalie, is why we went to airport this morning. I am so proud of her! With a group, she is traveling today to Spain. She will be taking Spanish classes in a city outside of Madrid. They’ll be staying with a local family in the area. My little girl going "across the pond" without her Dad. (More amazingly without her Mom!) Natalie will be there for six weeks. Please pray for her – and for us.

Part of how children change your life is you learn (very quickly) how to care for someone besides yourself and your mate. And I care today. I miss her already. I struggle to keep from panicking about all that could go wrong. "Where is my faith?", you ask? It’s the only thing that kept me from not letting her go. And keeping me sane right now. I have to keep remembering she is not mine anyway. 21 years and I’m still learning that about Nat.

Younger parents, you care a lot for your kid(s) today I am sure. Be assured that the caring continues on through life. When they grow up the love just grows. With all of my mixed feelings with my girl on a plane today (and that’s an OCEAN, not a POND!) I am still thankful that the love grows.

As for Mom and me, I think we’ll get a room …

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  1. Amy 21 May 2007 at 12:07 pm Permalink

    *sniff* THANK YOU (note sarcasm) for making me cry … hard enough dealing with my oldest graduating from preschool this week & heading to kindergarten in two months!
    J/K … enjoying this blog tremendously, Rodney!
    Amy M. :)

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