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A Family Matter

Sometimes you just can’t separate family and ministry. Like when David, my son (in-law) preached at our church last Sunday. With Pat just getting back from China with their precious Jadyn, he needed someone to step in for him and David was the man this week. That wasn’t just the High School Student Pastor up there speaking on God’s Word. Nor was it just another fellow staff member. (Not belittling you staff guys – you’re all really special to me!) But that was also my son!

David was articulate and prepared – just as always each Wednesday night when he speaks to the high schoolers. But I saw something on Sunday that was more important than anything. David showed his heart for God. You could see his passion – for the Lord and for others – to grow, or perhaps come to the Lord for the first time.

The message was a challenge to all of us to do something. Dive in and get our feet wet … and perhaps the Lord will help us (I Samuel). The challenge to me personally was two-fold: 1) to not be afraid to risk for the Lord. He’ll fine-tune our efforts if needed – we just need to get started; and 2) to make sure people around me see how much I love my Lord – just like David showed all of us Sunday.

And as a boastful dad would say, feel free to check out David’s message at fbcsmyrna.org. Type in "podcast’ in the search bar on the home page and select the May 20 sermon.

It is an honor to serve on staff with David. I am grateful for that. I am even more grateful to our Lord, for it is from Him all true blessings flow.

Now, you pray that David will speak to me once he reads this and finds out that I have played "The Dad Card"!

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  1. Amy M. 23 May 2007 at 8:42 pm Permalink

    You have every right to be proud. I spoke with Selma after David’s sermon, but missed seeing you. I was amazed when she told me that this was his first time preaching to an entire congregation (not just youth). I told her (and I told David) that I have a page full of “David quotes” from that sermon. But it wasn’t just great sound bites. Like you said, it was his passion truly shining through. Not that He isn’t doing so already, but God is going to do great things through that man.
    Go on, Dad! Brag!
    Amy M. :)

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