21 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Marriage Blog Site

It’s just getting started but I wanted you to know that, as of this week,  I am doing a blog for LifeWay as well. For now, it is called LifeWay Marriage Blog (we will find a better name for it!).

The LifeWay blog will be more bullets and quick points about marriage and how to make it better. Probably briefer than this one as I have a tendency to ramble on this one. (So you’ve noticed, huh?)

Please check it out and let me know (on comments "over there") what you think. Also, any suggestions are welcome for sure.

Hope you are well. We are out of town next week. Planning to catch up on some of that reading to the left (and more) but you’ll hear about that some next week. You’ll be impressed (or should be if you knew how little I knew about this stuff!) that I have another post already written and set to publish next week. So please check in. Later…

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