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No Air but a Nice Trip to Denver

Just an update on our trip last weekend. Denver has almost no air. Hard to breathe throughout the trip. What should I have expected going to a city known as "The Mile High City"?

And yet, it was a most productive engagement as we got the chance to share our passion for encouraging parents through presenting our book The Parent Adventure to a group of English speaking Christian book distributors. What a literally global opportunity.


We did get to see the Rockies play. And guess who they played? The Atlanta Braves – my fav team! Actually we saw 6+ innings of it. The tarp came on and the rain came down.



A beautiful light show provided by the Lord Himself in the form of 2 hours of constant lightning – WOW! Widespread lightning like I've never seen. A lot like the Lord – beautiful, and a little scary.

Probably the coolest part of the whole trip though was lunch Friday with two other guys very much in my position. Selma and I sat down at the conference hotel to eat when a couple of conferees needed a seat. It was divine appointment for sure. As we got to know them we soon found out that they wore "similar hats" as mine. They were pastors and did a great deal of pastoral counseling.

As we discussed principles and approaches, issues and affect this all had on our own marriages and families, it was a cool thing.

Here's the kicker: one was from Africa and the other was from Southeast Asia. Three ministers, three cultures, three continents … all the same issues. Fascinating in that wherever you go, people have the same needs.

Thanks for your prayers about the trip. I made some interesting new friends from a long way away, saw the Braves beat the Rockies, and learned some pooignant lessons like the fact that people also need the Lord – wherever they live.

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