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Thoughts on a Braves Baseball Book

Hey There,

Back from a brief hiatus (if that’s a word).

Wanted to share with you a new book I’m beginning. It’s called Built to Win, by John Schuerholz. John is the General Manager for the Atlanta Braves since around 1991. That’s the first year they won their division in almost 20 years – and they won it every year until last year. A record that is unheard of – in any sport. So John "might" have some knowledge about baseball.

And it is also a book on leadership – and decision-making. It’s gotta be. He’s the most successful GM the sport world has ever known.

The only other baseball team that has been anywhere near as consistently successful as the Braves has been the New York Yankees. The big differences is that the Yankees would go out and pay whatever for whoever had the best season the year before. Not so with the Braves. On a relative shoestring budget, they had to work hard to keep within financial restraints to move old players out while aquiring new ones. They did this so well they were on top for 15 seasons.

Anyway, I’ll let you know if it’s good.

Still working on Walking Across the Room. It’s good but I’m taking my time through it. ANYONE ELSE READ IT? Please let men know what you thought.

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