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A Special Blessing Returning from Phoenix

I had a wonderful trip to the Association of Marriage and Family Ministers (AMFM) conference in Phoenix last week. Got to lead a workshop on The Parent Adventure along with Scott McConnell from LifeWay Research. Then I attended several helpful workshops myself. Always good to meet some new people "in the business".

The running was interesting for sure. There is no feeling like running just before sunrise in Phoenix, AZ, and the temp is 96 degrees! And I never need to have that feeling again.When you are training for a marathon and the high for the day is 114, you run when it's the coolest, even if the coolest is 96.

On the last leg of the trip home – from Dallas (where else?) I sat beside a college girl, Ellen, who was reading her Bible. The conversation easily went to where she had been and where I had been. She then told me her story which touched my heart.

Flashback for a moment …

For 12 years I worked in collegiate missions for the TN Baptist Convention. It was a most fulfilling ministry. I supervised college student missionaries from across the state through Baptist Student Unions (BSU's or BCM's as they are now called). These were campus ministries at some 40+ different schools.

Now back to the present …

Ellen told me she was coming back from Texas as a summer missionary. And it was through the TN Baptist Convention! It was great to get an update on how things looked from her perspective. She was headed straight to the TBC for her debriefing weekend, just like when I was leading it.

I couldn't wait to introduce  my new friend to Selma when we got off the plane. It was a joy for both of us to meet Ellen.

It is heart-warming to know that the next generation of missionaries – and a program to help facilitate their calling – is alive and well.

I am most grateful to serve where I am right now. LifePoint Church is where God has called me to minister and it's still awesome after serving here almost ten years. Yet the experience on the plane with Ellen brought back some fond memories of a ministry from long ago.

God is cool like that. He places people in your path to remind you of previous times. He really wants to bless us and looks for ways to do that if only we will acknowledge that those blessings are from Him.

Have a great week and look for those blessings from the One who sends them your way.

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