24 January 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Reading Year-in-Review

Many of you have commented on what you are reading this year and I must say, it is encouraging to hear from you on this subject. I might not read what you do, but it is good, very good to hear your heart on this.

Before we get to far down the road in 2008 I wanted to share with you a few books that meant something to me in 2007. As with what I’m planning on reading, this reading year-in-review is all over the place. I won’t comment much on these, especially if I’ve already mentioned them in a previous posting, but it’s just to look back and remember what I’ve read. Here we go:

Pat Sumrall, Pat Sumrall – On and Off the Field. Inspirational and informational about the NFL.

Kenn Kington, Super Husband and Wonder Wife. Some actual marriage principles as well as Kenn’s incomparable humor.

Peter Robison, How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life. Obvious politics but some genuine marriage principles as well – from Ronald Reagan of all people!

Chuck Norris, Against All Odds. His autobio begins in some humble places and he truly lives his life against some major odds. Glad to know he loves the Lord.

Rob Bell, Sex God. Typical off-the-wall Bell. Get ready when you pick one of his up!

Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard, The Mulligan. An inspirational devotional guide for golfers. Armstrong has several of these out and they are all solid pieces.

Charles Stanley, When the Enemy Strikes. I am not the kind to find a demon under every rock but it does help to respect the enemy and understand what happens with spiritual warfare. Stanley provides a good framework to do that.

Tony Dungy, Quiet Strength. One of my favorites bios. Solid spiritual principles incorporated into his life and this book.

Happy reading … and keep me posted on what you are reading. Thanks for doing so to this point.

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