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01 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Keeping Christmas ‘the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’!

I have gotten the Turnbulls’ newsletter for several years. For a long time Bob and Yvonne have been teaching, speaking and writing on marriage and family issues. They have an interesting story themselves but their practical wisdom on marriage and family is excellent. Below is an example of their practical nature on how to have [...]

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21 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

My Dad: Long Gone but Still Touching Me

My Dad has been in heaven now about 3 1/2 years, and yet he continues to “speak to me” from time to time. No, it’s not an audible voice. Probably better stated as “he continues to impress and influence me”. He touches me. Here is a recent example. A cool one.
He would have turned 84 [...]

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14 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A Word of Inspiration for Father Figures

Here is a cool statement on how critical a father figure is to a kid. It is from Randy Hemphill of LifeMinistries. Will talk about him in another blog for sure. Dads and dad-like men, stay on the wall. Keep working, investing, influencing that young guy you hang with. Spend time with them while you [...]

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23 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A Father’s Day Gift Worth Waiting For

Thursday afternoon I looked at my calendar and saw that I had one more counseling session and my week would be made. A 4:00PM with a Joshua Smith. Didn’t know him and I was soon to find out why. (Normally I don’t share – wouldn’t DARE share the name of someone I am seeing, but [...]

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06 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

“The Parent Journey”: A Parenting Focus in the Weeks Ahead

Beginning Sunday, October 10, (can that really be next Sunday?) Selma and I will be starting a 4-week study on parenting.
[Okay, in the spirit of being honest, the first week I will be doing it alone as Selma will be out of town.]
The study will be held in the HUB and will begin at 11:00AM. [...]

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12 June 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Looking at Moving? Some Tips for Your Kids

You’ve heard the phrase often, perhaps ever since Rick Warren’s famous opening line in The Purpose Driven Life, but when you are in a family with kids, it’s not (just) about you. You are a part of a system that is affected by almost every decision you make.
That doesn’t mean you automatically decide not to [...]

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30 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Just a Word on Step Families

The most noted authority on step family dynamics that I know is Ron Deal. He has a ministry called Successful Step Families. Here is a brief article from Ron, published by Focus on the Family, that talks about step families and their effects on marriage.  I hope it does you good.
Remember, if you are not [...]

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28 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

My Daughter’s “International Wedding Anniversary”

David and Jennifer have been married 4 years on March 25. two days ago. They have never celebrated a wedding anniversary in the USA.
David is our student pastor at LifePoint. He and Jen have taken a group of students to Brasil each of the last four years on spring break, on which March 25 always [...]

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02 September 2009 ~ 0 Comments

A Coach’s Primary Role: Influence

Several men on our church staff are little league coaches. So are a lot of other guys at LifePoint. I am proud of all of them. Many of them do not even have kids themselves in the game yet they give and give and give to these kids.
Of course they teach them a lot more than just football [...]

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31 August 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Selma’s Recovery

Many of you have inquired about my wife's health. Selma is doing well after a thyroidectomy last week. While all the tests have been negative (including after the surgery) – and no pain ever for Selma – the thyroid was growing and several opinions told us that it needed to come out.
It's been … interesting [...]

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